MRC brain banks network: database of tissue samples

The MRC’s UK Brain Banks Network supplies tissue samples to academic and industry researchers in the UK and internationally. All brain banks in the network have approval to provide tissue samples for research projects and pilot studies. Approval is based on scientific merit and also takes into account ethical issues (if peer review and ethics approval has not already been obtained).

Researchers can search this database which carries details of the tissue samples available throughout the network.

For broader queries regarding the network, researchers can also contact the director through the network coordinating centre at, copied to

The MRC asks that all researchers using tissue obtained from the banks inform the bank that provided the tissue of any papers accepted for publication. You will be contacted annually for an update of your publications. This helps us to publicise the success of the banks and secure future funding.

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Cases held by the brain-banks in the network : 13,420
Commercial consent has been given for 4,800 cases
Genomics data is available for 2,267 cases