Tariffs for brain tissue

In line with a sustainable future for brain banking, the MRC and associated charities introduced a cost recovery scheme for the provision of tissue. The tariff is standardised and has been implemented across the UK Brain Banks Network. The charges for commercial users cover approximately two-thirds of the costs of retrieval, assessment and archiving of the brain tissue. Whereas, the charges for academic institutions cover approximately one-third of these costs.

The tariffs are as follows:

Type of sample Academic institutions Commercial users*
Unstained paraffin section/slide £5 £10
Unstained frozen section/slide £15 £30
Frozen tissue sample £25 £50
Sections from wet formalin fixed tissue £25 £50
DNA/RNA samples of brain homogenates £50 £100
Tissue homogenates £25 £50
Fresh tissue samples £25 £50
CSF £25 £50
Paraffin block £50 £100
Whole brain £1,000 £5,000
Fibroblasts £750 £1,500
Stem Cells (iPSC) £1,500 £3,000
Administrative costs (including logging of request, database search, case retrieval, liaison with researcher and courier) will be added to each order priced in increments £20-50 £100
Packaging £10-20 £40
Delivery (collection option available) variable variable
Retrieval of additional data from clinical notes (simple/complex requests) £25/50 £50/100

All prices in the table exclude VAT.

*Commercial users may incur additional charges, depending on the details of the request and constraints on the availability of suitable tissue.

Not all sample types listed are available from all banks, individual banks will advise on availability.

If you are intending to use human tissue in future projects please remember to include these costs in any upcoming grant applications.