Uploading research datasets to the database

More and more journals require authors to adhere to FORCE11 principles, which include the following:

  • In scholarly literature, whenever and wherever a claim relies upon data, the corresponding data should be cited.
  • A data citation should include a persistent method for identification that is machine actionable, globally unique, and widely used by a community.
  • Data citations should facilitate access to the data themselves and to such associated metadata, documentation, code, and other materials, as are necessary for both humans and machines to make informed use of the referenced data.
  • Unique identifiers, and metadata describing the data, and its disposition, should persist – even beyond the lifespan of the data they describe. The UK Brain Banks Network (UKBBN) database allows researchers who have conducted research on human brain tissue samples, some or all of which have been derived from UKBBN brains, to comply with these principles. The database provides a simple way to upload and store source data used for publications, and to identify each dataset with a unique URL that can be cited in publications and that allows other bona fide researchers to access and make informed use of the data.

The data can be uploaded in Excel (not macro-enabled), csv, plain-text or xml format. For further advice on storing datasets relating to your research on brain tissue, please contact the administrator of the UKBBN brain bank which provided the tissue (or any of the relevant brain banks if your study used tissue from more than one).